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As some of you know by now, I had a rough time with the video that goes with this blog. I originally wanted to take a video of my screen so we could go through the complete process together. I did NOT have luck with that at all. Then I tried to film myself while showing screenshots and talking about the items in my cart but the sound on my iPhone did NOT want to cooperate. So, I ended up doing half on my old phone and half on my laptop webcam :) You can watch the video here: My Paleo Amazon Shopping Cart Video.


The minute I have enough money, I am going to invest in a video camera that WORKS when I need it to! In the meantime, I truly appreciate all of you hanging in there with me! It will get better!

So, enough complaining. Let's move on to all the fun stuff we should all have in our shopping carts by now. Maybe some of you purchased them already and you are enjoying the deliciousness. Maybe some of you are holding off until your "start date". Maybe some of you haven't even seen the video yet. If that's the case, you can Click Here To Watch of simply go through myPaleo Amazon Shopping Cart items below. I also referenced my Lara Bar taste test video which you can watch here: "Lara Bar Review".

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